Educational Services

Here, at MV POWER, we believe that knowledge ONLY comes from within, whether an individual or an organization. Lectures are encouragement for people to take action and necessary steps to better themselves. We want to help American electrical utilities to unleash their internal potentials, to mobilize existing resources in order to quickly move on retrofilling aging switchgear. Most of the country’s utility switchgear is from 1950- 1960-ies era, now well behind its useful age. Our lectures and consulting services are designed to help them achieve it.

MV POWER Educational Services include:

- Lectures on general Switchgear Design, from conceptual stage onwards;

- Lectures on Switchgear engineering calculations;

- Lectures on Switchgear bus ducts design;

- Lectures on Transformer throats for transformer - switchgear coupling at unit substations (USS);

- Lectures on Switchgear inspection;

- Lectures on Switchgear upgrades, refurbishment and modernization (e.g. bus re-insulation, or additional bus bracing);

- Lectures on Switchgear retrofits and retrofills, with accent on complete removal of the existing circuit breaker unit and replacement with newer model;

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