Switchgear Services

Switchgear Services Brochures: 

Switchgear Retrofill Brochure 

Switchgear Refurbishment Brochure 


MV POWER Switchgear Services, for both Metal Clad and Metal Enclosed Switchgear, include:

- Switchgear Design, from conceptual stage to complete BOMs (Bill of Materials);

- Switchgear engineering calculations (short circuit current, bus bracing etc);

- Switchgear bus ducts design;

- Transformer throats for transformer - switchgear coupling at unit substations (USS);

- Switchgear inspection (blow up prevention!);

- Switchgear upgrades (e.g. matching line up, adding new cells);

- Switchgear refurbishment and modernization (e.g. bus re-insulation, or additional bus bracing);

- Switchgear retrofit (e.g. bus upgrade from 1200A to 2000A);

- Switchgear retrofill, also called “cell conversion” (complete removal of the existing circuit breaker unit and replacement with newer model);

- Upgrade and retrofits of the Switchgear CTs’ (Current Transformers), PT’s (Potential Transformers) and Relays;

- Wiring and re-wiring of the switchgear.

“Switchgear” is the magic word; it’s also our bread and butter. Anything with it, whether Metal Clad or Metal Enclosed Switchgear – we can do it, we can help you! Please contact us for your switchgear needs.


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