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Cycloaliphatic epoxy is an organic compound with a ring-like molecular structure and thus the term ’cyclo’. These insulators have proven themselves in all types of electrical operating environments and voltages. All major switchgear manufacturers throughout the world use cycloaliphatic insulators to some degree in their products.

The applications are in metal-enclosed switchgear, outdoor distribution and transmission, pad-mounted switchgear, metal-clad switchgear, surge arresters, transformers and power circuit breakers. The performance of cycloaliphatic epoxies has been outstanding and they have passed the test of time in all kinds of environments.

Cycloaliphatic insulators are about 70% the weight of porcelain insulators, much stronger than porcelain ones and will not shatter due to mechanical/physical shock.


We are selling the following Cycloaliphatic Bus Insulators:


A20 Indoor Cycloaliphatic  standoff and Bus Insulators:


- Cycloaliphatic Bus Insulator A20-1 FOR 4.8kV, 60kV BIL (3.5" H)

- Cycloaliphatic Bus Insulator A20-2 FOR 7.2kV, 75kV BIL (4.5" H)

- Cycloaliphatic Bus Insulator A20-3 FOR 13.2kV, 95kV BIL (6" H)

- Cycloaliphatic Bus Insulator A20-4 FOR 14.4kV, 110kV BIL (7.5" H)

- Cycloaliphatic Bus Insulator A20-10.5 FOR 34kV, 150kV BIL (10.5" H)


 A30 Indoor (extra strength) Cycloaliphatic standoff and Bus Insulators:

- Cycloaliphatic Bus Insulator A30-3 FOR 13.2kV, 95kV BIL (6" H)


We have Medium Voltage Solutions! Please contact us for your cycloaliphatic standoff and insulator needs.

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Cycloaliphatic Insulator Brochure


A20 Indoor Cycloaliphatic Insulator Drawings

Cycloaliphatic Insulator A20-1

Cycloaliphatic Insulator A20-2

Cycloaliphatic Insulator A20-3

Cycloaliphatic Insulator A20-4

Cycloaliphatic Insulator A20-10.5



A30 Indoor Cycloaliphatic Insulator Drawings

Cycloaliphatic Insulator A30-3